Andrea Dunn


Manifest Design Showcase


One of the perks of being a graduating senior (or "graduated," in my case) at Columbia is being able to show off all of your hard work at Manifest. Manifest is an Urban Arts Festival that takes over the South Loop at the end of the school year and students from all majors are encouraged to participate. The day begins with a parade and ends with a concert, but that will be a post for another day.

The seniors in the Design Department get to display whatever they want in the Hokin and C33 Gallery, which are open to the public during Manifest. Since I couldn't choose just one project to showcase, I showed some of my favorite work I created during my time at Columbia along with my "Hi, I'm Andrea" video.

What made the day extra special was recieving the Hollis Siegler Award for the Advertising Art Direction Department. Oh, and it was my first Manifest that wasn't cold and rainy! Goodbye, Columbia! Hello, working world!

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Andrea Dunn